Templates are a great way to give your website a professional finish that will look good when visitors come to your website, and also help to take the stress out of programming a website for you. For the majority of small and medium sized businesses who build their own websites, templates will have a major role to play in the construction of their website, and it can be significantly cheaper than hiring a web professional to build a website from scratch. While the end result may share some features with other websites using the same templates, the final website should still be unique to the company if the template has been expanded upon correctly.

Choosing The Right Template For Your Business

Even before you get to picking out a website template, first you will need to choose what service you will use to build the site. The different programmes will each have a range of templates to choose from, and each one will also offer several different packages that may also involve hosting and e-commerce within their subscription too.


Having tried out many different web builders,Wix builder is one of the most popular, whilst Weebly website creator is also another of the easiest to use. When it comes to picking out the template itself make sure you look for one that matches the look you’re going for, and if you do have competition online already, try and avoid using a similar colour scheme or design to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Text And Content

The right amount of text to incorporate into your site will largely depend on your company and the purpose of the website. Your template will usually give you several different spaces across the website in which to incorporate text, and the rule of thumb is to try and keep things simple and easy to read. Unless your website is aimed at a specific demographic that is used to large blocks of text, it is usually best to use smaller paragraphs, and break these up with headers or bullet points to make things easier to read.

Using Your Own Images

This is an important part of turning a cookie-cutter website from something that just looks like a template that has been filled in into a website that is genuinely unique and stands out from the crowd. Features such as your company logo, pictures of your products and pictures of your staff and premises if you have a physical retail space can all help to make your website stand out. After all, the internet is largely a visual medium, and keeping your audience’s attention is vital to developing a successful website.

Template Packages For E-commerce Sites

For those people who are setting up a website in order to sell their produce or services online, it is worth taking a look at the template packages that also incorporate the e-commerce service into the deal. There are some services such as Jimdo that will have a small e-commerce site included for free, but with the majority of website builders the e-commerce facility will be available to the paid subscribers, although in many cases this can still be cheaper than arranging a separate e-commerce facility.

George is an online entrepreneur who has created many successful websites, and also has the experience of a few websites that failed to achieve what he expected.