Is Masturbation normal?

Yeah of course. Well, that is the most common question that comes in mind when anyone hear that word “Masturbation”. As we know “Everyone Masturbates”. Masturbation leads to various problems and prone to weakness is a myth actually. In fact masturbating gives you more, than it takes away and the answer given by me above is far way correct that you will find out below. The pleasure of orgasm now no more need a partner, as God gave you two hands for that pleasure. Just saying. Masturbating has a tremendous benefits in your life that you can’t count on your fingers.

Is Masturbation bad for you?

Is masturbation bad for you?…No way… A friend in need is a friend indeed, share this with your friends too guys irrespective of gender. Just share the benefits not hands, as your friend doesn’t need a helping hand in it. May be he or she is a pro in it. Hey, am I getting out of my topic? Let’s come back, friends.

Below I have mentioned some reasons and benefits to masturbate more.

1. Improves Sex Life.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or not. You have to masturbate means masturbate. It improves your sex drive and makes your sex life with your partner last longer and better. It helps you last longer in bed. It helps you explore your body and know it better.

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2. It helps you with Sleep.

You (masturbators) might have often experienced yourself that after masturbating you feel relaxed and get a sound sleep for hours. Both physically and emotionally masturbating helps in relieving tension. Counting sheep at night won’t make you fall asleep, my personal experience says but masturbating helped me a lot way out.

3. You get Smoother Skin and Shinier Hair.

When you masturbate it releases estrogens in your body which leads to smoother skin and shinier hair and lot more positive results on the body. Now I understood why my friend’s hairs are so shinier and skin so smoother, I thought some beauty product result. Well, I was so wrong. Go check your friends too, but before that check for yourself, as I too have you can say a smooth skin and shinier hair and I don’t use any beauty products.

4. It makes you Happier.

Well, this is the best reason ever for you to masturbate. It subtracts your stress and adds happiness in your life, more than a girlfriend or a boyfriend can do. Masturbating is the least dangerous thing one can do on this planet. Can’t say about other planets if someone is living there and if someone is, does he masturbate too. Aliens…ummm…NO. Let’s come back to our planet.

5. It reduces Heart Disease chances.

Masturbation is good for your heart. It increases the flow of blood in your body which makes you less prone to diabetes and heart diseases. In a recent study, it has been found that masturbating more than 5 times in a week reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Good that someone is studying and doing researches on masturbation. We are indulged in a daily activity of doing something in which people are doing researches. Who knows you can be the part of that research some day. Be a proud masturbator.

6. Good for Immunity.

Ejaculation increases the levels of cortisol, which in a way helps in increasing your immunity. Moreover ejaculation can prevent you from prostate cancer as it put out the old fluids and makes way for fresh semen. It has been found in studies that men who ejaculated 21 times per month have less chances to develop prostate cancer than men who ejaculated just four to seven times in a month.


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