Are you Addicted to Sex ?

Sex keeps life good. But don’t make sex your life. It’s good to have a healthy sex life, but it becomes worse when you are totally addicted to it. Sex addiction can often or most of the times can ruin the relationship.
Most of the people rather say everyone wants to be away from a sex addicted person. But that’s not so simple, as you cannot just see a face and declare someone a sex addict. You have to study his behavior and every single phase.

Here are Seven signs that show you are a Sex Addict:

1. Lack of control

A sexually addicted person often lacks control in maintaining timings and priorities. For him, everything comes on second and his addiction becomes his priority. Despite the known consequences of this addiction, he still prefers to do it knowing that it can adversely affect his health, life, and many more things.

2. Oppression

A sex addicted person often feels himself in oppression. For him, everything has one solution and i.e. getting indulges in some sexual activities. They develop a mentality that for any problem or happiness they need to engage themselves in some sexual behavior.

3. Sex in mind all the time

Well, if you are a teenager then it becomes normal to think about sex most of the time. But even after crossing that age if sex is the only thing that comes constantly in your mind, then you can be counted as a sex addict. What comes in your mind is often reflected in your behavior most of the times.

4. Masturbating and watching porn often

Masturbating and watching porn beyond a normal level can be decided in between you and your partner. Even there are amazing Benefits of Masturbating but there should be a parameter for it in your relationship and if one exceeds that, means that person is moving towards sex addiction.

5. Ruining your personal relationship

If you are engaged in some sexual behavior and that you are supposed to hide from your partner can lead to some serious problems in your good going relationship. It’s because most of the time you have to hide it or even tell lies about it, especially when you have been caught with this earlier.

6. Cheating your loved ones

Even if you are in a relationship but your addiction to sex makes you move out with others sometimes. A sex addicted person looks forward to all the possible ways for his thirst.

7. Lands up mostly in wasting time

A sex addicted person keeps on thinking about sex most of the time and is often left with little or no time for other things. His failure starts and he is not able to focus on his career, thereby ruining it to an extreme level. Once a person gets under this condition, he only finds sex activities as a solution, which often makes the things, even more, worse than earlier.