Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not the complex process that people make it out to be. In reality, it is about simplicity and plain common sense.

The whole purpose of search engine optimization is to make websites as search engine friendly as they can possibly be, and it really isn’t all that hard if you have a little bit of ingenuity and drive.

While you don’t need specific knowledge of algorithms and SEO techniques to get started with the process, it is still wise to use the services of a reputable search engine optimization company, if you want to get started on the right track to achieving your desired rank placement. The higher your rank is, the better off you will be.

Why Professional SEO Services Are Needed

The main reason that companies need professional SEO services is because they don’t understand the two main aspects of how search engines work to determine rank. If they don’t even understand the basics, then they can’t be very effective in doing their own SEO work without any professional assistance.

The two main aspects that should be understood include how spiders work in crawling websites, and how search engine algorithm formulas are used to decipher which pages relate to certain phrases and keywords. To figure out which sites have unique content, search engines collect data by sending a spider crawler to each site.

The spider actually copies the content on the site, so that it can be stored in the search engine database. Spiders essentially follow the links to move from page to page, so that they can read all of the content accurately. This is a continual process.

Writing Titles and Meta Tag Descriptions

There are several things that a search engine will look for when they are exploring your page. After closely examining the URL and website title, the spider will then look at the Meta Tag description.

This information is located in the source code that is composed of the head section. Titles really do matter. They should be written with your strongest targeted keywords as the main foundation. They don’t have to be lengthy, but they need to be strong enough to describe precisely what your page is about.

Even though Meta Tags aren’t as important as the title, they are still a vital part of the process. Search engines will read Meta Tags to determine what the theme or topic of the page is. A good description should be about two to three sentences in length, and it should incorporate major key phrases.

This is often the text that is displayed in the search engine result pages, so it should be well-written. The keywords in Meta Tags usually get very little weight in search engine rank placement formulas, because webmasters have abused them in the past. There is no need to spend a lot of time on the keywords, because it is just a waste of time.

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