Can Yoga Replace Your DNA?

You all might have heard of that yoga has some real benefits for your body, mind, and soul but now there is scientific evidence too in support of it. After several types of research over a period, it has been concluded that yoga and meditation affect your body genes. Stress and related symptoms have been found to be reduced from prolonged and regular yoga. Yoga can alter molecules that carry our genetic information and instructions.

Individual diet, sleep, and several other daily routines produce epigenetic effects, which can be both active and adverse. Epigenetic effects were found to be a crucial factor when researchers tried to determine how yoga alters genes.

The Calgary study found something that aroused a desire to know more about how yoga changes DNA. In this study, two groups were made in which one group got trained in mindfulness meditation and on the other hand the second group was given no training. Both the groups were inspected for around eight weeks, after which it was found that the meditation group showed changes in around 2209 genes. Out of this, there were around 1275 instances in which genes were up regulated and 934 cases in which genes were down regulated.

After several types of research, it has been found that yoga reduces the risk of cancer by changing our DNA. People doing yoga also called as mind-body interventions (MBI) produces lower amounts of molecules that activate inflammation causing genes.

Telomeres found at the tip of DNA chromosomes, shorten with age. Cells age and die quickly when telomeres used to reduce. If we figured out a way to telomere lengthening, we could then increase cells longevity. And to the surprise, it has been found in recent studies that yoga and meditation can protect and lengthen DNA telomeres. A controlled study in 2015 published in the journal Cancer, found yoga and meditation maintained telomere length in breast cancer patients.

The research was done at Harvard Medical School where blood samples of 15 meditators and 22 non-meditators were taken, and chromosomal DNA was extracted from both category people blood cells. It was found that meditators had longer telomeres than non-meditators. Further female meditators had longer telomere length than non-meditators significantly.

You can see that out of all researches done it has been proved that yoga and meditation can alter your DNA. Yoga gives you a healthy life and has an overall positive effect on your mind and body. So just Keep Calm and Do Yoga, no matter what your age is.