The unlimited internet packages gave users the power to download as much content as they wanted. While not everyone went berserk, there were some people who downloaded content regularly.

Since last year, there has been a raging debate about proposed caps on the downloading allowed to the users. Subscribers to Comcast internet plans and other packages may have to make do with lesser content in the future than they are now.

There are several doubts over how this will affect the usage in the future. The users are uncertain regarding the type of content they will be able allowed to download. With a download cap, they have to choose the content wisely.

Why Limit Usage Broadband?

This is a pertinent question, given the fact that unlimited downloading is a major attraction for several customers. They might switch packages if they had to make do with a download cap.

In this situation, it seems rather strange that broadband companies would risk losing customers. Over the past few years, an increasing number of people have gained access to the internet through their services. When they have worked hard to expand the market, it seems insensible that they are taking a step which could alienate many customers.

Moreover, there are several other issues to consider. First of all, businesses are going to have to pay more to obtain information from other businesses. Users will have to pay more to download the content they want. At present, people use the internet to watch movies, play games, listen to music and whatnot.
So, why limit usage broadband? A number of reasons have been given for this.

The broadband companies have claimed that there are many users who abuse the unlimited downloading option. They download more content than they can ever use, harboring the bandwidth and data storage space which another user could avail.

The demand for more content online is not being matched by supply. As a result, users don’t need unlimited downloading. They can opt for a package according to the usage they have so that they don’t have to pay extra.

A minute percentage (2 – 3%) of users actually exceeds the limit that is being proposed. Hence, a majority of the users are not going to be affected by the download cap.
These are some of the common reasons you might hear regarding the download cap. On the surface, none of them seems to be strong enough to justify the move by broadband providers.

Data Heavy Content Only

The data heavy content is available on the video and audio streaming and downloading websites such as YouTube. With the daily downloads in gigabytes, users requires a large download limit to enjoy the content.

The download cap is going to affect the users who are internet buffs. If you don’t have the time to use the internet for more than a few minutes everyday, you can very well do without unlimited downloads.

The issue that arises is the usage on the go. With smartphones and other devices providing internet access everywhere, the people keep downloading wherever they are. With Comcast internet plans, they are able to download all the content they want regardless of their location. This means that, in effect, downloading has increased substantially.

Even the unlimited download packages had a limit. If you never exceeded that limit, it means that you can live with a download cap. Coming to the main point, there are no restrictions on the type of content.

It depends on the broadband service you are signed up with. Some of them do impose restrictions regarding the kind of content you should download. Generally, you don’t need to stick to data heavy content only. Your options are endless.


Putting a cap on usage broadband is going to drive away a portion of the customers. If the companies started dictating the type of content users should download, they might as well close their business down.

Users want to download what they want and when they want. Placing restrictions is going to put them off and they might go off in search of better packages than the one you offer. Hence, broadband services, such as Comcast internet plans are better served allowing the customers to choose what they want to download.