Want to stay that healthy and want to have a youthful skin glow.  Many of us wanted to maintain a fresher and younger look and even those who are not-so young individuals; they are doing so much effort and even spend money just to look young. But do you know there are some healthy and beauty tips that can be followed to achieve this. The only key is to act now by changing your habits and your lifestyle.

  • Taking care from the inside.

Of course, the first thing to consider is taking care from the inside. To maintain a youthful glow, we should be able to take care of the inside of our bodies.  And one simple step is to eat right and get the right nutrients that our body needs. Exercise is also one common but very effective ways and also by drinking a lot of water to wash out toxins and waste from the body. Lifestyle change is important and minimizing alcohol intake is also important and also avoids smoking because it not only damages your skin but your entire body.

  • Taking care of your self from the outside.

One part of our body that easily shows that we are not getting any younger is our skin. Having dry, fine lines, stretched skin and also age spots make one look old. And to keep your skin looking young is by putting moisturizers at least twice a day (morning and night).  Keeping it moisturize helps in making it soft, smooth and it also plumps up the fine lines. It also helps in improviing blood circulation.

Note that there are different products available in the market and you just have to find one that will suit the different areas of your skin. For instance, a face cream is for the face and it should be used in the face alone. Hand and body lotions should be used on that specific part and others like moisturizers for the neck, the foot, and the eyelids.  Although this may seem so tedious, it is the proper way to nourish the needs of the different areas of the skin and to meet its moisture requirements.


Oily skin needs oil-free products, while dry skin needs extra moisture.

Also, to take care of your skin, try to keep out of the sun as much as you can, since UV rays can be very harmful to the skin and too much exposure can induce the appearance of wrinkles on your skin and not only that, you can also get some ailments such as skin cancer and other allergies so make sure you are protected.


Your skin products should have SPF

Considering makeup also helps. Put a concealer on dark circles under the eyes, pimples and other skin blemished and apply a light foundation and also touch of bronzer and a little lipstick.  Make sure that you don’t put too much makeup because there is a tendency that you may look older than younger.

And lastly, don’t forger your HAIR. All your efforts in taking care of the skin may be wasted and useless if you don’t give enough attention to your hair. If you have dyed hair, make sure that your keep the roots touched up. Keep your hair clean, soft and well-groomed.

Whether the fountain of youth is real or not, what matters is that we women should learn to take better care of ourselves. In learning how to take better care of ourselves, we have already found our own fountain of youth.