Nutrition and healthy eating are topics that continue to be shrouded in confusion. Although we have more research and supposedly more knowledge than ever, nutritional advice seems to change almost daily, and Americans continue to struggle with disease and obesity.

Healthy living doesn’t have to be so complicated. By adopting and following a few simple rules, you can effect profound changes in your health and longevity. We strive to present some of the best research and resources in the arena of natural health, detoxification, and nutrition in order to help you make your health goals possible.

Our goal is to make this information accessible to the average reader. We understand that you’re busy. Maybe you want to start making healthier choices for you and your family, but not everyone has the time or inclination to start composting or dehydrating ingredients for complicated raw-food recipes.

Many raw-food, gluten-free, and vegan resources are often geared towards individuals who are already entrenched in those lifestyles. They can be confusing or intimidating to someone who has been eating a standard American diet and is looking for easy ways to start living a healthier life.

At Baroc, we are all learning together. We provide easy, road-tested healthy recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients. We challenge conventional ideas about nutrition and try to demonstrate that healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated.