Well according to me its NO ,soo is the article over? :P of course no but the answer can be concluded from the first line so here I am going to write on it lets read it together because I think it will took me around 45-60 minutes to complete this post but this time is not much if I get good Alexa Ranking because from the 1st day of starting this blog I am working to improve that :)

Being an INDIAN I will discuss here the case of Indian students only but you can also relate the status of your country by reading this ,now its time to get started a couple of days ago I was designing website of UMS (you can also hire me for deigning website for any purpose) and wrote there this fact about students of India that

If we see the Indian study Graph,more than 85,00,000 graduates pass out every year but out of them only 4-5% get desired jobs what about that 95% graduates and their Dreams & Greeds ??

might be you are also one from that 95% but still what we can do ? ok let me share a pic which I had picked from presentation of UMS go through it


Checking out the third line that at the Age of 18, we,the youth have some dreams like ? but but but what we exactly do to achieve them? okay, let me tell you what the answers I got when I ask youngsters the question that what you are doing exactly today,that when you’ll reach the age of 25 will achieve all these things ? and the only answer they have is “STUDY” but I hadn’t see anybody doing study proves him a Multimillionaire at younger age ” but I should must say that today,a number of MLM (Multi Level Marketing Companies) had made it possible for the students to construct their future to the level ,but again but who will do work? what I had noticed after meeting a number of people they think things will happen automatically ,they will become Multi Millionaires  without doing anything !! that is not possible in reality even a very good motivator ,Shiv Khera ji  also said that

If you will keep on doing whatever you were doing or everyone is doing ,

You’ll will keep on getting what you or everyone is getting

Isn’t it is truth ? that if you were studying the same which your elder brother,cousin,friend has studied don’t you get the same job(naukri) that they get I always say this line even I also don’t know may be after 2-3 years I also have to go for a job but currently M totally not in favour of it okay its time for writing here my best lines which I generally ask to people

Who Lives on Forest (jungle) is ? – Animal(junglee) :P

person Who do Business?(vaypari) is?- Businessman :)

person who do JOB ?(naukri) is ————— don’t wanna hurt someone’s ego because if everyone will become successful then who will say Bye Bye to aeroplanes ? who will take examples of Bill Gates (my favourite as we both are college dropouts )   but m not comparing Myself with him >>>

What’s next I think its much time happened I am writing here but in the end I just want to take an example of comparing people who were just studying for passing their time and money and to get a job of some 10 to 20k , if you will visit Delhi(India) you’ll notice one thing common everywhere i.e. Beggars and the situation I am going to write here is reality ,at most of the traffic stations red light held for more than 600 times a day ,Now if a beggar is getting just 1 bug(in worst case) at every red light means he get 600 bucks a day? if we multiply that with month that means 600*1*30=18,000 bucks :P who is getting better -think about it .Again by this situation I don’t want to hurt anybody’s ego all I want to do is to let YOU think what you’re exactly doing and still how much you can do ?

I think its sufficient here and you could get to know better that by only doing study you cant get things you actually dream of go ahead and make your identity , I am not ending this here now I want your views in the form of comments that what steps we could take at teenage so as to achieve everything we want at age of 25-30 not of 58 .. Go ahead :)

Article featuring here soon : Best ways with which Teenagers can make huge money using Internet :)