Often people have a misleading notion that by increasing the level of security on their computers, they will be able to protect them in a better way. This could mean installing more than two antivirus software at the same time.

In no way will installing one antivirus software will make your computer resistant to virus. However, people do so and suffer immensely without realizing the core reasons for the arising problem.

Unfortunately, the protection of your broadband expert computer against malicious software and viruses does not follow the same means of protection. Installing different antivirus software will cause more harm to your system, whereas in some cases it may also result in computer lock-up. This makes difficult to restore computer settings without immediately formatting the files.

Anti-virus programs are developed and designed in order to identify harmful and malicious files and programmes present in the computer. But, several anti-virus programmes and software do it making use of different procedures that sometimes do not equate well.



Quality anti-virus programmes are developed to be able to identify harmful files and programmes. Also, these antivirus programmes help modify or remove them.

When there are different anti-virus programmes installed, one of them may identify another one as a prospective threat, which might result in a counter attack. This counter attack from one software might have dangerous effects and could prove extremely destructive for your computer.

Moreover, all these anti-virus software are extremely competitive and may amend firewall settings on your computer. In fact, your computer becomes more likely to experience adverse after effects if firewall settings change.

Furthermore, there is also another very important aspect of speed of the computer. Using different antivirus software will slow down the speed of your computer system drastically. Also, it would use much more of your system’s resources as compared to any one antivirus software.

In order to keep your computer safe from virus and other associated risks, you only need to install one, quality anti-virus software. There is a range of antivirus software available that give efficient results.

For example, you can purchase McAfee, Microsoft essentials, Avast, AVG or Kapersky. You should understand that installing more than one anti-virus software will weaken the protection capability of your computer instead of increasing its resistance power.

In case of anti-spyware software or malware detectors, you can run two or even more programs together on your computer. You will not even need to alter your computer’s system defense but in fact, you can add the software to it.

Several antivirus programmes such as Microsoft Essentials, McAfee and Norton etc. offer antispyware programmes along with antivirus programmes to lower your effort of installing them separately. It is in your best interest to follow as suggested to be able to keep your computer safe from further issues.

Antispyware programs are considerably different in their functions from all antivirus software. You can install antispyware programmes with the standard antivirus programs that you use. You can do this even without inbuilt spyware software. In addition to antivirus, you can also install antispyware programs and malware such as Spybot.

A large number of antivirus software such as Microsoft Essentials and McAfee download automatically requiring least amount of interaction with users. So, this provides quality solution for your antivirus needs with the least efforts and maximum results.

As a result, we see that the benefits of several antivirus programmes cannot be compared to its innumerable disadvantages. If you install more than one antivirus software on your computer thinking that doing so will increase it defensive power, it will only become a headache for you.

In the long run, your computer will have to experience even more difficulties and you might see immense automatic modification in your settings.

Installing several antivirus software at the same time with broadband expert is extremely harmful for your computer as explained above. In even terrible circumstances, it can delete your important files and program and disrupt the system to a great extent.

Many times, the computer operator fails to identify the minute vulnerabilities the computer experiences until some significant errors come up.

In case of antispyware, you can install more than one program at a time. However, installing more programs can put stress on your computer and the result can be intrusive and exasperating.