A question may be arising in your mind that what is the “Ultimate Concept of a revenue Generating Website?” 

People around the Globe use Google for searching Information, so the website which are primarily indexed in Google are informative portals.

Informative portals are Commercial blogs, News Portals,Question Answer based websites etc.

so this is the main concept behind setting up a revenue generating website that to set up anInformative Portal

Next thing which you should must consider is that you

  • should have your own domain name, own hosting account,  Remember: free blogs like on blogspot.com or xyz.com etc drive a very very low cpm(cost per million) rate.
  • If you are able to drive visitors from first world developed countries the cpm rate will go up as the CPC campaigns are of high value there and henceforth your CPM will also be higher for this i recommend to make blog on Technology , Fashion , Rare Dieses , Automobiles , and on the Latest Updates with faster Indexing on Google ..

Now its Time to Decide what kind of Website you are about to start and how to find a name for Domain which is in trend & give higher CPC/CPM value for this you’re having many options but the best options i’d know are:-

  • You can  go to google.com/adwords and go to the Adwords tool  so search for the high CPC value keywords
  • SPYFU Method:  www.spyfu.com/Toplistall.aspx the list of the top keywords represent the highest CPM/CPC value keywords of google.

Now its time for choosing  a platform on which you’re going to setup your whole Blog for this me & the top rated bloggers of the Globe recommend WordPress

Why WordPress?

• World’s Highest revenue generating blogs are on this platform
• SEO friendly
• Most powerful seo plugins and managing.
• Best Builder for informative portals
So before Going to start-up you should remember a few things too
•Success is a process and  not an event, it takes almost 3 months for the indexing to be done in google so have patience (it can be done quickly too if you will stay tuned to my articles on SEO!!)
•Never get frustrated, cos the results will be late, but when they will start coming, they will never stop
•Have the winners attitude, like winners never quit and quitters never win.-
So this was about Tips for Setting up your Blog and Generate Revenue from it’
What’ s next?? coming out with my favourite articles on Adsense and Security !!
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