Butterfly sex position

Sex- most important and needed part of life we can say, often becomes boring if there is something new not included. Sex positions always play an important role in making your sex time interesting and fun filled. If things are getting bored in bed, which often happens when both of you do the same way every time. Then there arises the need of some new sex positions to try out. Some good sexes positions can really give you have a good time with your partner.
Moreover, one often gets bored from the same foreplay and sex positions every time. So it becomes the need to try some new sex positions. If you both are in a hurry and want to skip foreplay as you don’t have time. Thinking of some good and quick sex position is what comes to your mind.


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Sometimes it can be fun to lie in embed for hours with your partner, enjoying an ultra-slow build from foreplay to intercourse. Other times, it happens that you both are in a hurry, you might find yourself questioning that what are the Best Positions for quickie sex? Below I am mentioning one of the sex positions that will change the concept and technique of your sex style.

Butterfly sex

Well, this position can’t be just restricted to your bed room. You can try this on a table also. In this position, the woman can lie on her back on a flat surface say bed or table. The man stands in front with her leg on his shoulder. With hands down the women lifts her hip a bit and the man holds her bottom. This is the perfect position for penetration. This position allows both of you to have an eye contact with each other which makes your love closer.
Your partner will enjoy this position well and you can penetrate her much better and faster. This position is naturally hot and heavy to do as it puts much load on the female partner. This is a great quickie position for as much as it allows your partner to thrust deeply and strongly, making every second count. There is nothing complicated in this position of performing sex.

There are few points that you should take care of before going for this position.

• If you are too much heavy, then your weight can hurt her back.

• Use some pillows under your waist, so that you don’t get tired of lifting her up.

Girls work in Butterfly  Position.


To be forward, a girl doesn’t do much in this position, they just enjoy. All they have to do is just lie down on the bed or a table, with legs on his shoulders. And if girls want to be more passionate then they just have to raise their hip up. This will let your man’s penis be in direct contact with your vagina on the bulge of touching your G-spot. This gives you a wonderful orgasm and lets your man also enjoy to the fullest level.

Boys work in Butterfly  Position.

Boys have to do much more work in this position and mostly boys take most control in this. You have to lift girl’s hip upwards which lets you penetrate more. For more comfort try this position by standing, rather than kneeling. As kneeling won’t allow you to move freely forward and backward and it will hurt you in your knees too. Moreover, in standing position, you can thrust even deeper, than if you both were lying on the bed and performing.